How to Block Stolen Mobile in Pakistan 2022 – PTA/CPLC

Your phone might be lost or stolen and now you are searching for the method to block it so that it cannot be used illegal purposes until it gets recovered from the snatchers or found. Don’t worry, we will discuss the complete method of how to block stolen mobile in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority offers some simple and straight forward steps easily block your smartphone using the IMEI number.

But before discussing the main issue we should have the IMEI number of the mobile which is lost or stolen. If you know it, then you can skip this step and move to the second step.

How to Find IMEI Number of Any Mobile

You can find the IMEI number of any smartphone through the following steps.

  • Just dial *#06# from your mobile’s dialpad.
  • It will show the IMEI numbers of that mobile.
  • Copy and save it somewhere.

You can also check IMEI of mobile in the About section of your smartphone.

After finding the IMEI of the device, now to it’s time to register an online complaint it and block the phone.

How to Block Stolen Mobile in Pakistan through PTA

To block the stolen/lost mobile, open the PTA Complaints page and click on Online Complaint Form option.

After that, a new page will open where we will register the formal complaint for blocking the phone.

Enter all of the following details in the complaint form.

  • Full Name
  • CNIC No.
  • Contact No.
  • Email Address
  • City
  • Postal Address
  • Complaint Type (Select Stolen Handset/IMEI Related Complaint)
  • Then select Blocking from Request/Nature Type
  • Enter a Complaint Summary, in which you’ve to describe the incident when your mobile was lost or stolen
  • Enter the IMEI number of mobile
  • Then enter the Last Number in Handset which is the last mobile number you’ve used in that mobile
  • Then enter the mobile model and color
  • Now choose the reason of blocking, select one that happened to you
  • Then enter the Incident Date, this is the date when you lost your mobile
  • After that, if you’ve informed to the police then select Yes and if not then No.
  • The last one is receiving the OTP, the OTP code will be sent on the number you’ve entered above in Last Number slot.
  • Now after entering the OTP, check the i acknowledge…. box and click on Register Complaint option.

On the next page, you’ll see the message that the complaint has been registered. You’ll also receive a text message and email with your tracking ID. You can also download the complaint copy in PDF from there.

How to Check PTA Blocked Phone

You can check if PTA has blocked your phone or not through DIRBS or PTA DVS Android application. Open the application or page and enter the IMEI of the device there.

After entering the IMEI and clicking on Check, if the following message appears then your device is currently blocked by PTA.

Your cellular device (IMEI #number) is blocked (reported stolen/misplaced/misused to PTA).

You can also send your IMEI number to 8484 to check the blocking status.

How to Check PTA Complaint Status

You can check the PTA complaint status online by following the steps below.

To check the status, open the PTA Complaints page and click on Online Complaint Status option.

A new page will open where you’ve to enter the Complaint Reference Number, which was provided by PTA at the time of complaint registration.

After entering, click on Submit and you can now see the status.

Other Ways to Block Stolen/Lost Mobile Phone

You can also block or check the status of stolen/lost mobile phone by contacting PTA on their toll free number 0800-55055. The number will be operational from 9am to 9pm seven days a week.

You can also mail PTA on their official e-mail address

The mobile can also be blocked by visiting the nearest PTA Zonal Office.

CPLC Karachi also offers the services to block the stolen mobile.

How to Unblock Mobile Phone from PTA

After the mobile phone has been recovered by the Police, you can forward the request to PTA to unblock it.

Open the PTA Complaint Portal and select Stolen Mobile Handset/IMEI Related Complaint, and then select Unblocking from below.

Enter the Complaint No. of Blocking and your CNIC number and click on Search.

You will see a new page, where you will see the further details related to unblocking.

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